Secret Admirer? Let the Secret Out With These Fantastic Presents!

Valentine’s Day can leave some people feeling more than a little apprehensive. They may worry that they will not receive any Valentine’s Day cards at all, but it is always a lovely surprise to receive more of them than expected. The fact that they are anonymous can add to the excitement as we try to remember if we can recognise the handwriting, but more often than not the senders of these Valentine’s cards remain a mystery, which really defeats the object of sending them in the first place. Having a secret admirer is such a boost to your confidence; imagine how thrilling it is to find out exactly who is holding us close to their heart.

Of course it is even more exciting to receive Valentines Day presents as well. This gesture shows that the sender really does mean business if they have gone to the trouble of finding lovely Valentines Day presents for you, especially if they are secret admirers who probably do not know you well enough to be sure what kind of gifts you would really like to receive.

Whether your secret admirer wants you to find out who he or she is or whether they wish to keep it a secret, Valentines Day presents are a great way of showing they care. A lovely Valentine’s Day gift will be something that gets the message across to you loud and clear that they adore you. It may be from your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend or it could even be from someone who has noticed you across a crowded room but you do not even know they exist – yet. So when you open your Valentines Day presents on the day, remember the care and thought behind it before you phone all your friends up looking for clues as to who your secret admirer may be.

What could be better than to receive a delicious bottle of bubbly on Valentines Day, especially one that is personalised with a special label just for you, with a lovely heart-warming message? It may say ‘I love you’ or even ‘guess who’, but either way you can pour yourself a glass of champers while you consider who your admirer might be. If you are planning to send out lots of Valentines Day cards this year, the best cards are those which are handmade and the Valentine Kit is just what you need to make some lovely designs. The kit contains stencils, stickers, patterned paper, card and envelopes as well as an instruction leaflet that will help you to get started.

If you are planning a romantic dinner at home for the two of you, you will need the Love at First Sight Valentines Day presents with holographic glasses and a romantic candle. As you gaze lovingly into your true love’s eyes, a halo of hearts will appear around his or her head.

Humorous Valentines Day presents such as this are real ice breakers when the atmosphere may be a little tense and is sure to melt the ice and have you both giggling in each other’s arms in no time. For those of you who are confident that the evening is bound to be a definite success, Chocolate Body Paint is for all lovers looking for a little extra sensual treat. Equipped with soft brush, Valentines Day presents like this are definitely not for shy couples. If your Valentines Day date doesn’t work out, you have always got a big tube of chocolate to consume, even if you are on your own.

If you can remember all those teenage parties you used to go to, eagerly looking for the love of your life, you are bound to remember playing spin the bottle. The Deluxe Spin the Bottle is one of those Valentines Day presents that screams for a party with a few very good friends and with different strategies such as Strip and Deluxe Kiss, the party will certainly be one to remember. You could, of course, keep it for just the two of you, as this will be so much more fun. If you want to remain anonymous, send your love a Two Red Hearts Mini Token, a polished glass token featuring two cute hearts that makes a beautiful and stylish keepsake.

Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo? Now is your chance to do it in style with a sterling silver Rolo in its own presentation box. Add your own personal message and you know that you will come up trumps with your sweetheart on the day. You do not have to stay a secret admirer for long with these Valentines Day presents.

To Win More Negotiations, Unlock Hidden Values – Negotiation Tip of the Week

To win more negotiations, you must be able to unlock the hidden values of the other negotiator. Unless you do that, you’re negotiating against a phantom; you don’t really know what you’re negotiating against or for.

Before engaging in a negotiation, consider the following thoughts to unlock the other negotiator’s hidden values. In so doing you’ll be able to negotiate more effectively, which will enhance your negotiation efforts.

Why it’s important to unlock someone’s hidden values:

Have you ever told someone how good a deal they were getting because they’d make/save more money, look better, feel stronger, etc.? All the while, they were thinking, none of that matters to me. While making your pronouncements, you were blowing it (i.e. getting farther from a deal than closer). Unless you’re playing to someone’s strong suit (i.e. unlocking their hidden values), you’re playing weakly.

Knowing someone’s value proposition allows you to be more targeted with your offers and counteroffers. It also allows you not to stray into territories whereby you might make an offer that’s detrimental to your negotiation position. In such a case, you might give away something for almost no return.

Points to consider:

Everyone doesn’t think like you nor do they think like some that you may assume they think like. Thus, you must understand, by asking, what is of importance to the other negotiator. Such questions can be positioned as:

  1. What would you like to come out of this negotiation with at minimum and maximum?
  2. Why?
  3. What are you willing to forgo or give up to obtain the minimum and maximum that you’re seeking from the negotiation?

The answers to just the above 3 questions alone will give you a wealth of insight about the other negotiator’s hidden values.

What to be mindful of:

All negotiators will not readily expose their value system. They want to know yours first. That could create a challenge. If you experience that in your negotiation:

  1. Be mindful of the negotiator style/mindset that you’re dealing with. Some negotiators are very tough negotiators that don’t want to let you know what they value most in the negotiation. Their fear may stem from them thinking you might take advantage of them. If this is the case, assuage their fears by being open and above board. You can convey such sentiments through your words and add more meaning to them by exhibiting body language gestures that add value to your words (e.g. hands above the table, no large sweeping gestures that might indicate a grandiose perspective, speaking at the same pace and speed as the other negotiator, etc.)
  2. All negotiations are built on trust. Thus, the quicker you can establish trust, the more trusting both of you will be of the other. Therefore, always attempt to establish trust as quickly as you can in a negotiation by giving away as much of your position as the situation warrants. You can enhance the process by letting the other negotiator know the perils you’ll face if the negotiation is not successful. Just be cautious about what you disclose related to the impact it’ll have on your negotiation abilities going forward (i.e. don’t give too much information too soon).

We’ve all been trapped in negotiations that appeared to be headed for doom and realized that such was occurring because we were not addressing the other negotiator’s values. After reading this article, you’ll be better prepared to unlock the hidden values of the other negotiator. That will accelerate your negotiation win rate… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating.

Cheap Christmas Presents Using eBay Discount Codes

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