The New Ultimate Listing Presentation – Ethics and High Commissions

As a new agent, I began to take listings. My initial goal was to take one listing a week. And because I really discovered the approach I’m about to teach you as a seller and not as an agent, I planned from the very beginning to take all my listings at a premium. Our market average was below 6% so I decided I’d list at 8% or more.

I still remember taking my first listing (and it was at 8% by the way). Maybe you still remember your first listing. I can tell you, I was so excited. I came back to the office and I’ll admit I was beaming, and my chest was probably out an inch or two. I was probably more than a little proud of myself. Several of my colleagues who knew I’d been on a listing appointment asked me how it went.

I was happy to tell them that I had indeed listed the home, and that I’d done it at 8% my first time out. Of course their immediate reaction was that I’d had “beginner’s luck”. But after several more listings my first month, all at 8% that beginner’s luck assessment became one of, “You’re ripping your clients off by charging them 8%.” It was futile to try and explain otherwise.

Even as I travel speaking and teaching this presentation today, I am generally confronted — before anyone even hears the approach — with the same thing. I’m told again and again that charging more than the market average is unethical and immoral.

Perhaps you’re reading this for the first time and you are having a similar thought. If you are, I understand. Really, I do. But before you pass judgment on me and on my approach, I would ask you to simply reserve your judgment until you’ve finished learning the entire presentation. Fair enough?

If, after you’ve finished reading the entire approach, you still feel the same way, I will have no hard feelings if you decide to not use it for ethical reasons. I must tell you, however, that of the over 100,000 agents who have taken this training in one form or another, not a single one has finished it and decided it was in any way unethical.

Let’s talk about ethics and high commissions.

So before we dive into the actual presentation, it’s important that we first touch on the ethics. You may very well be one of the thousands of agents who are asking themselves, “How can I better serve my clients while charging them more?”

Simply by having that thought, you’ve confirmed that you’re an ethical REALTOR who’s trying to put your clients’ interests first. That’s a good thing. Having said it, though, I need to underscore the fallacy in such a line of thinking.

The question we’ve asked seems to imply that you cannot earn good money by doing the right thing. But the truth is that it is possible to serve your clients, your fellow REALTORS, and yourself; and with this presentation it’s also easy! Let me explain.

We’ll begin by discussing agency — specifically, seller agency. As a listing agent, your client is the seller. Because you’re the seller’s agent you have a fiduciary obligation to represent him or her to the best of your ability. What does that mean? In short, it means putting your client’s needs first. So what does it mean, practically speaking?

As a rule, you should be trying to net your client the most money in the least amount of time, since that’s the objective of most sellers. And when I mention “money,” I specifically mean net dollars. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how large or small the commission is: what counts is the total your client takes away from the closing table.

So let me ask you a question: If you knew about a strategy that would net your client more money while selling his home in only about half the usual time, wouldn’t it be in his interest to use it? Of course it would! Well, that’s what this listing presentation will do for you.

As compared with traditional listings of homes in the same market, my approach has traditionally netted my clients significantly more money while selling their homes in only 55% of the average DOM (number of days on the market).

More money in half the time! Think of it! Your clients will love you. The other agents in the market will love you. And, you’ll be paid better in the process! More importantly, you’ll begin to get a reputation for being the agent with the high-paying listings. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take this one step at a time.

On the flip side, if you knew that selling a house by the traditional method would double your client’s waiting time and, in the process, net him less money, would that be good for him? Of course not! Not even if you saved him some money in commissions! Your job as a listing agent is to represent the seller and to place his needs first, and that’s what we’re going to do.

So, if I can demonstrate to you that using this approach will work in better accomplishing your clients objectives, wouldn’t you agree that it’s ethical? In fact, if after you know about an approach — this approach — that historically sells houses in half the time and nets the client much more in the process, wouldn’t it be unethical not to mention it to your client? I’ll allow you to be the judge of that.

When the Past and the Present Merge

Why she was living? Vanessa considered this question for an umpteenth time. She had failed the most important test of her life. How can she be allowed to live? She cried endlessly. Her mom could not resist coming to her room to give her some space, and she come in, any way. She just patted her back lightly, But Vanessa shoved her off, and shouted at her, ‘”Get away mom! I can’t even get some personal space when I want to be alone? You don’t know what that test was worth! It was my long dreamt career, Mom! Just… just… I don’t want to see your face for a week at least, Mom!”

As soon as her mom left the room without saying anything, she saw a shooting star from her window. She closed her eyes, and lying on her bed, she prayed: ”Please!Please! Reverse the time so I that I can pass the test! Do anything, anything, to me make me take that test just one more time, please!

Loud words echoed inside her head, but even then she couldn’t open her eyes. They were:

When the need to get your loved ones becomes an urge.

That’s when the past and the present merge.

Vanessa’s head was barely working when she opened her eyes again.

It was day time, Suddenly. But it was just night a moment ago! How can this. . . ? When she turned her head to look around, she saw someone lying in her bed with her, wearing her night pajamas. ”Was that an invader?”She thought. But why would an invader put on her pajamas and sleep with her? ”It is a strange world anything can happen!” She thought. She got up from her bed quietly and went around to it to see the face of the invader. O’My God! It was she herself. She rocked back in surprise, and then her eyes were on the calendar on the wall. It said, 25 March, but it was 1 April just then.

It was impossible. Anything related to time traveling was totally impossible. She found her cell phone and computer that showed the same date, too.

She felt dizzy. All her wishes had come true. She couldn’t believe it She was about to go crazy with happiness. It was then when she remembered something happening just like that in Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Hermoine… something had a time turner clock in it. If Harry could hide from his own past-self, she should, too. On her way out, She knew that she’ll not be able to get back home for about another week, so, she took some money with her. She entered her mom’s room and took the money. Carefully, she exited her house, and road on a bus to a cheap hotel where she could spend her nights. She paid the fare, and rode a bus to an internet cafe. She couldn’t find anything on the related subject.

A day went by just like that. There were now five days remaining to the test, and she hadn’t still let her past-self know anything about it. How could she ever tell her, was a question she couldn’t answer. She rode to her house that day. Sitting on a bench across the road, It felt some other world. She saw her mom get ready for work. She was missing her more just like that another day passed and the next day, too.

There were only four days to go now. She hadn’t done anything. But she missed her mom so much after her father died. Her mom was the only family she left with. There were only three days left when she just couldn’t stop herself form seeing across the road she entered the code on the lock, and entered her mom’s room. She was not afraid of being caught;she just wanted to see her. She kissed her mom lightly on the forehead and returned.

When only two days were left to go, an idea finally landed in her mind which was worth flowing. She went to the internet cafe, and typed a letter. She printed it out and left it at her door. She wrote her name on the envelop in her hand writing as different as possible as her own.

The entire day after that, She cried regretting why had she wished her mom away?At one point, she thought that her heart couldn’t bear the pain any longer.

Only one day to go now. ”Easy! She just had to remain hidden until that time. . . Its easy”‘, She kept comforting herself by saying these words.

Finally, the test day came, and of course, she passed also. She saw it on the internet but does it really matter to her now? She went back to sit again on the bench. The time was drawing nearer. At exact 10pm, she closed her eyes and hoped that she will reopen them in her own bed. But nothing happened! Her heart rate accelerated. She tried not to look on the back on the dark side of the situation now, and tried to take deep breaths in order to relax. Yes. It might not be exact 10pm, when she would have made her wish. She should try it one more time…

No matter how many time she tried nothing happened. ”But… But… Hermoine said… ”, she thought, and dismissed this thought as soon as it entered her mind of course, Harry Potter is a lame story. Why did she believe it? She cried angrily, now, She allowed herself to look at the negative: If time did not turn around, It would never, and she will never be able to see her mom… ”Was this test really important to me? More important than my mom? It the test really worth that? Why had I ever made that wish?” Tears filled up her eyes and she kept brushing them away.

Suddenly, she tripped over something and fell down. When she opened her eyes she was lying on her bed. She saw the date on the calendar. It was 1 April. It was night, her pillow was wet, probably from her tears and door was still swinging since the time her mom left her room. She hurried down ecstatically and hugged her mom tightly. Vanessa had understood the meaning of those words and, and she said to her mom, ”No test is ever worth losing you!”

But darling just now, you were so sad what’s gotten into you?Her mom replied.

”I just woke up, from a night mare, mom. It was the weirdest kind. I’ve got to be harry potter at least ”, Vanessa said and smiled afterwards when her mom said ”Is Harry Potter the bad guy?”

Interesting Christmas Present Ideas

Finding an interesting Christmas present idea is not a simple trick. Too often we fall into a rut of un-original thinking. Trouble is, the Christmas present idea that was so well received a few years ago starts to get boring. After all, there are only so many times you can give someone a fragrance gift selection box, aren’t there?

What should you do instead so that the thought you’ve put into selecting a Christmas present idea shows through? Even if you’ve spent less time choosing than you would like?

Here are some interesting Christmas present ideas for you to consider:

  • Look for a unique Christmas present idea. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Often the most priceless items we have in our lives are the ones that cost the least. Think about a collection of photographs, maybe mounted together in a photo frame or turned into a DVD with the easy software that’s available nowadays.
  • A sampler or selection box can often make a good Christmas present idea. Choose something that you know the person receiving the gift has been thinking about but hasn’t got round to doing yet.
  • Personalized Christmas gift ideas are always well received. With a little research, you can find almost anything available for personalization from children’s books through to T-shirts, house histories and lots more.
  • Personalized experiences can make excellent Christmas present ideas. They tend to be slightly more expensive than other personalized presents but if you give someone a skydiving present for Christmas, they’ll definitely remember it! You will likely be able to go along and watch them take part in their experience, so you get to see them enjoying the present you bought as a bonus.
  • Unique Christmas present gifts are always a good choice. You can give someone a totally unique gift like an acre of the moon, a star named after them or even a minute in time, preserved forever.